Yankees: Domingo German Fools Everyone With Bizarre IG Post

Domingo German #55 of the New York Yankees (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Domingo German #55 of the New York Yankees (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

New York Yankees starter Domingo German looks completely different…or does he?

Domingo German will not be pitching for the New York Yankees this season, still suspended for the first “63 games” of a 2020 season that will, at best, consist of 60 total games played. His domestic violence incident towards the tail end of 2019 derailed his promising campaign and sent the Yankees’ pitching staff into disarray, but all punishment came after a lengthy investigation, and it was certainly warranted.

As his teammates prepare for Summer Camp 2020 (sponsored by Camping World…seriously), German remains on the sidelines in the Dominican Republic, and his most recent Instagram post piqued Yankee fans’ interested. It seemed the pitcher had gone through an absolute metamorphosis since the previous fall.

It certainly seemed, at first blush, that German had gotten a SoundCloud rapper-style makeover, and was ready to leave his baseball days behind.

The caption did nothing to dispute the fact that German had undergone a rapid transformation, either. It discussed the mistakes he’d made, and what he was doing to atone for them while he was hundreds of miles away from Yankees camp.

Yankees pitcher Domingo German’s latest Instagram post was highly misleading.

But hold the phone — luckily, some sleuths with exactly the right amount of time on their hands (praise you, sleuths) decided to dig deeper into this one. After all, could the solution really be as simple as it seemed?

In the nick of time, Yankees Twitter dug up a photo of German and his brother in recent weeks, proving that the diminutive righty had posted a picture of another German. The caption discusses, in full, his own journey, however.

The masses stood corrected (albeit, in confusing fashion), and the original posted apologized for jumping to very logical conclusions.


We’re not sure what the lesson is here, folks, but German clearly made some interesting decisions with his highly personal manifesto here.

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Best of luck to both Germans during their ongoing maturation process — it seems likely we won’t be hearing from either one of them much in the coming months.