Yankees: Aaron Judge got absolutely dwarfed by Shaq in Super Bowl photo


Yankees star Aaron Judge showed up to the Super Bowl, posed with Shaq and came out looking like a random fan.

If you’re going to watch the Super Bowl live from the stadium during a pandemic, you might as well do it in style instead of next to a field of random cutouts.

Aaron Judge certainly equipped himself with excellent company on Sunday night, and that company did something we never expected to be possible: made him look like, uh, just a guy.

Judge showed up in a box full of legends in Tampa, flanked by (thanks to video evidence) Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, Robert Kraft, and the NBA behemoth known as Shaq.

Midway through the game, Shaq and Judge released to the world an image that was intended to show good friends hangin’ out, but instead displayed Judge as a mere mortal for perhaps the first time in his adult life. Behold, Shaq decked out in a jet-black Falcons jersey, making Judge look downright Jackson Mahomes-sized.

The only “TikTok” here is the sound of a lone grandfather clock as the entire room goes deadly silent at the size disparity.

Remember, Yankees fans, we’re not talking about Shaq and “a generic baseball player” here. This isn’t Tyler Wade tapping the big man on the shoulder and asking for a photograph in the parking lot. This is Aaron Judge, the man who was too tall for the right-field wall at Petco Park last October. The man who’s bonked his head on numerous clubhouse ceilings.

Shaq turned him into a meme. This looks like Aaron Judge posing with a mack truck.

As for the game? The Chiefs’ makeshift offensive line could’ve used a big body like Shaq up front to at least give themselves a chance in this one, with the Buccaneers running away with a 31-9 victory.

“31 to 9” is, coincidentally, also the aspect ratio of Shaq to Judge in this photo.