Yankees: Aaron Judge probably doesn’t need to add toe tap to his swing


Yankees star Aaron Judge is apparently experimenting with a toe tap, to which we say: Why, though?

Turns out the Yankees might be equally as bored as the rest of us these days.

We’ve all been “there” at some point over the past few months, right?

The rigors of your daily routine are becoming so routine that you start to feel like you’re spinning your wheels on ice. You’re working on a metaphorical treadmill. Never moving forward, never moving back, just remaining static and getting the occasional pat on the behind from an authority figure.

Then, one day, you hop on the 9:00 a.m. Zoom call with a mohawk and mysterious beads, and everyone’s like, “OK, Daryl is having himself a Tuesday.”

That’s what it seems like Aaron Judge is up to these days, lulled to sleep by a Yankees offseason in a permanent tryptophan coma. He’s so bored he’s now spending his afternoons switching up his swing and messing around with timing mechanisms, which we have to say is pretty unnecessary.

Can’t believe this has to be said, but: Aaron Judge, please do not imitate Miguel Andújar anymore. At least, not until he gets his own swing right.

Unlike some Yankees fans, I’m not worried about Judge. His overuse injury in 2017 aside, the rest of his maladies have mostly been freakish and have been exacerbated by his intense desire to always suit up and play, regardless of the pain he’s fighting through. That’s not great! Not the best trait to have, though the alternative (endless absences) are also annoying, so you take the good with the bad.

But if he’s going to be messing around with his swing (which is among the most perfect in the game) simply to switch things up, that’s not going to fly with me. Binge The Crown. Start a podcast. Buy the other kind of pesto sauce. No need to fix what isn’t broken.

Oh, and former Yankee Phil Hughes raised a good point, too: Where…where is he right now?

Is Judge in the middle of the Yavapai desert next to a corrugated metal shack where they slice up Christmas trees?

This isn’t really something to worry about, of course, but maybe the isolation is getting to Judge. After all, he seems to have already ripped his own grass out in frustration.

And we thought the Aaron Judge Christmas nutcracker was going to be the worst thing we saw this November.