Yankees: 3 notable players on 40-man roster that could still be traded

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Clarke Schmidt #86 of the New York Yankees (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /

1. Clarke Schmidt

We don’t like it either, but the Yankees might have to move Clarke Schmidt.

Raise your hand if you hated the way the Yankees used Clarke Schmidt in 2020. Our fist just went through the ceiling. The Yankees’ No. 2 prospect put his filth on full display during summer camp and showed up some of the best hitters on arguably the best offense in MLB. But that resulted in … 6.1 total innings for the right-hander in a year the rotation/bullpen was hurting for better production.

But alas, the Yankees moved forward with Garcia, who had a bit more experience in the minor leagues, and hung Schmidt out to dry by making his MLB debut a relief appearance in which he had to be nails in order to get out of the inning. Not sure why we’d put that kind of pressure on him, but that’s how it all transpired. And the one start he got, the Marlins knocked him around a bit.

Now, he figures to also be competing for a rotation spot heading into 2021, but it feels like he’s last in line when we look at the aforementioned players. Again, we know injuries can happen and create opportunities, but it seems there will need to be at least two in order for Schmidt to slide into the back end of the rotation.

The other option? Start him in the minors in 2020, have him impress at Triple-A, and build up his trade value to feature him in said package for another impact starter. Again, fans would love nothing more than for Schmidt to burst onto the scene in the Bronx and meet expectations, but at this very moment there’s no clear or linear path for him.

Do we think a trade is a foregone conclusion? No. But he’s in that group of assets that the Yankees can afford to move on from given their crop of talent. Rival evaluators like Schmidt, which further indicates this could become a reality before August.