Yankees: DJ LeMahieu’s wife adds to huge 2021 with pregnancy announcement


Yankees infielder DJ LeMahieu gave us a pretty big announcement on Monday.

Six years, $90 million, one baby. Fairly memorable start to 2021 for DJ and Jordan LeMahieu!

And yes, Machine, it’s OK to show a little emotion this time.

Just a few days after the stone-faced infielder’s new deal and roster spot became official, taking him through his next six seasons in the Bronx, LeMahieu’s wife let the public know that his family is poised to get one member larger.

Or, in other words, it seems like Caden Cole has a long-term playdate for the duration of his Yankees contract.

Baby girl LeMahieu! And child No. 1 for the pair! Happy day in YankeeLand without a doubt — and, selfishly, we’re glad it came in our uniform.

After all, imagine that baby growing up in (shudders) Toronto?

Needless to say, Yankee fans had the right idea immediately with their reactions, showering the happy couple with GIFs of DJ’s withering stares.

Do you know how hard it was to even find a photo of LeMahieu being mildly excited to accompany this article? We assume he was giving his family the same satisfied head nod from his tie-breaking single in Cleveland as soon as the baby was born happy and healthy.

Of course, not all fans were overjoyed by the news.

OK, Harry! Seems like you’re not kidding! Good talk!

From our end, we’ve got nothing but cheers for the happy couple, who are about to experience the type of public adoration from Yankee fans that they missed throughout all of last season.

We’re so glad LeMahieu’s two-year contract in the Bronx didn’t end his Yankees career with a whimper. We’re so glad he and Jordan are here for the long haul. We’re simply so glad about basically everything!

Man, a new contract, a new baby, and a World Series ring. 2021 is going to be pretty wonderful.