Yankees players’ reactions to DJ LeMahieu signing will fire you up


Yankees players are as excited as Yankees fans that the team re-signed DJ LeMahieu.

DJ LeMahieu is officially returning to the New York Yankees for six years, which is at least two years longer than anyone expected him to.

That means that not only will he be here for the long run, but he might even outlast franchise cornerstones like Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres — though his comparatively minuscule AAV means there’s no way that should happen.

It certainly hasn’t put a damper on the reactions of Judge, Torres and all the other Yankees, who took to social media on Friday to wipe three months of sweat off their collective brow.

First came Torres, who reacted long before the official contract details even leaked. Who can blame him? He was just psyched to have his double play partner back.

And now…it’s time to learn shortstop! Shortstop 101. Gonna be a big few months.

LeMahieu and Torres are locked into the middle infield spots for…well, at least the next season of Yankees baseball. And now the pressure falls on Torres. He seems ready.

Aaron Judge, who uses social media once per month, also found a way to pay LeMahieu back for borrowing his bat during the Winter Meetings, congratulating The Machine on re-upping in captain-like fashion.

It’s just the most natural fit of all time. So seamless. Simply post those pictures from 2019 and 2020 (’20 helps, it gets the Nike swoosh in there) and you’ve got a congratulatory post all lined up!

Hey, Big G, your thoughts?


Giancarlo Stanton, a comparatively active Twitter user when you look at Judge’s page, hit us with our first robot emoji.

Man, this team really isn’t on Twitter all that much, are they? Trevor Bauer looks like a worse and worse fit every day.

Representing the pitching staff, Zack Britton chimed in, too, and hopefully he actually does usher in a spending spree this time.

When the Yankees picked up Britton’s option at the end of October, we thought they might blow past the luxury tax. Now? We’d just be happy if they approach it.

Let’s get some more reactions, boys! Maybe Luke Voit posts a picture of himself with his printer, or any other household machine!

The family is sticking together. Feels good.