NY Yankees: Jasson Dominguez’s latest player comps are mind-bending

New York Yankees hat at 2020 Spring Training (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
New York Yankees hat at 2020 Spring Training (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

Like any NY Yankees fan worth his salt, I’m extremely ready for 17-year-old Jasson Dominguez to play his first official organized game on U.S. soil.

But like every rational Yankees fan, I’d also prefer if the rest of their world slowed their roll a little bit and let him live before anointing him as the God he may someday actually be (and, yeah, we’re part of the problem for posting all of his highlights accompanied by fire emojis).

Dominguez will likely be arriving stateside this year to play with High-A Hudson Valley, a significant, but necessary, leap of faith for the anointed one.

He already ranks as the Yankees’ top prospect, per MLB Pipeline, and represented the team’s highest spot on Baseball America’s brand-new Top 100 prospects list, which feels like enough hype for the kid. But oh, you’d be so wrong. At this point, the hype is infectious, which led MLB to go more than a little overboard in their latest assessment.


Good LORD.

We’ve seen the bat speed and power. We understand that he’s a week shy of 18. But Bo Jackson, the biggest athletic freak to ever play the game (any game?) alongside Mickey Mantle, a top-five most talented natural ballplayer ever pre-knee troubles, and Mike Trout, the reigning GOAT?

All this for a teen batting a blistering .000?

Even if Dominguez is good, this hype train just derailed after speeding down the tracks at 1,000 miles per hour.

Every Dominguez clip we see is more tantalizing than the last. He seems to reach an average exit velocity of [BROKEN RADAR GUN]. He seems to be working with a laser on his right hand. But for the kid’s own good, can we get some reasonable, mid-ceiling comps mixed in here?

Unless these are the mid-ceiling comps, in which case … yeesh.

Level-headed Yankees fans realize that Dominguez will be a work in progress, though he could be one of those generational types who seems fully ready to lead a contender at 19 or 20 — think Juan Soto and Ronald Acuña Jr.

Hey, wait … maybe those would’ve been better comps? Because, right now, it seems like his ceiling is lightyears above the roof.