Luke Voit doubling down on support of DJ LeMahieu is what Yankees fans need right now


Luke Voit wants DJ LeMahieu back. Are you listening, Yankees?

In case you needed a reminder, the New York Yankees and DJ LeMahieu are mired in ugly contract negotiations based on the latest reports. Despite being the team MVP for the last two seasons, LeMahieu isn’t getting exactly what he wants from the Yankees, largely because there isn’t a robust market for him, so it seems.

Blame whomever you please, but this is not what anybody wants right now. Fans are enraged, and rightfully so. During times like these, we need an injection of positivity, and who better than the voice of the 2020 Yankees, Luke Voit, to deliver that for us?

Voit spoke to the media this week and yet again doubled down on his support of LeMahieu as well as the fact that the Yankees need him back on the team. Remember earlier in the offseason when he talked about how important DJ returning was? The home run champ wants the batting champ back! It’s the premier MLB tag team!

Alright, well if Luke thinks of DJ every time he sees a printer, perhaps taken things a bit too far, but the point still stands. LeMahieu is essential to the offense, the team chemistry, the locker room morale. You can’t put a dollar figure on it. Wouldn’t the front office think that if players are coming out and saying this, avoiding a staring contest with your best player probably isn’t a great idea?

Admittedly, it’s a tough situation. The Yankees don’t want to bid against themselves, and LeMahieu, based on the reports we’ve seen, is refusing to budge whatsoever. But it’s time to get the ball rolling, especially during this offseason like no other. There are other moves to be made, but New York isn’t moving a muscle until they know their fate with DJ.

Perhaps it was a bit much when fans were complaining that no moves got done after the winter meetings. But guess what? We’re about a month away from pitchers and catchers reporting. The longer this impasse continues, the more everyone gets hurt. Now it’s not “a bit much.” It’s every bit necessary.

Luke Voit wants the best hitter in baseball back on the Yankees and a lot of fans are glad he’s making his voice heard on their behalf.