Yankees reportedly finally in on a high-profile free agent but it makes no sense


The Yankees are reportedly interested in Marcell Ozuna … but why?

We all want the New York Yankees to get involved in some good old rumors, don’t we? But what if they’re the “wrong” ones? Or ones that require a greater explanation? Or ones that perhaps require further roster tinkering? Yeah, we might want to avoid that.

But not today! On Wednesday, a report dropped suggesting the Bombers are among the teams interested in former Miami Marlins, St. Louis Cardinals and Atlanta Braves outfielder Marcell Ozuna.

Respectfully, may we ask, “Why?” This is what we’d call a redundant player. for the Yankees’ lineup.

Let’s pump the brakes, however. We cannot determine the veracity of this report and “expressing interest” is hardly an indication of a signing. But even if the Yankees are merely “inserting” themselves into rumors, why did they choose this one? This one only creates more questions!

What does this mean for the outfield? Is Brett Gardner fully gone now? Is Clint Frazier going to be traded? Hell, did they find a suitor for Giancarlo Stanton? What does this mean for DJ LeMahieu? There’s no way the Yankees will be spending carelessly on two of the best free agents out there!

Not to mention, Ozuna’s defense is terrible. Why are we still focused on making offense/power-first additions when we need defense, contact hitting and pitching?

The Yankees signing Ozuna wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, but on the surface it seems like it would require some excess roster tinkering. Fans weren’t exactly mad when the team acquired Giancarlo Stanton in that trade with the Miami Marlins, but it’s fair to say many were unsure of the fit since they could’ve made better use of that $275+ million for a player who (no offense) does more of the same in this Yankees offense.

Signing Ozuna would be on par with that reaction. However, if the Yankees are talking pitching trades and dangling Clint Frazier, that’s a different story — though we’ve heard nothing of the sort.

Another confusing day in Yankee Land, but at least this means the front office is open to doing … something?