Yankees: Blue Jays-Francisco Lindor update shows Toronto may invade NYY territory


The Blue Jays could be a thorn in the Yankees’ side after coming up just short in the Francisco Lindor trade.

Throughout this largely stagnant offseason, Yankees fans have been rightfully skeptical of the somewhat spurious Toronto Blue Jays.

Sure, the Jays would like to get better and appear to be in the conversation regarding every prominent free agent, trade target or stadium upgrade.

But after months of mostly talk, it’s safe to say Bronx Bombers supporters aren’t actively buying their ability to get over the edge.

Toronto had their moment in the sun in the DJ LeMahieu chase, and seem to be involved in some capacity. There was a particular week when they were the Yankees’ chief rivals, marked by Bo Bichette strategically calling LeMahieu the “best player in baseball” while Toronto’s interest was trumpeted. Still, though, then came the Dodgers, and the Jays faded into the background.

Perhaps the tide is on the verge of turning, however? Though the Mets acquired Francisco Lindor (and Carlos Carrasco) officially on Thursday, it appears the Jays really were second in the bidding, and now seem safely ensconced in the offseason landscape, ready to pounce on…something else.

So, do the Yankees need to fear Toronto on the trade market? If some team out there prioritizes long-term help over a short-term patch, like the eternally chintzy Chicago Cubs, then perhaps Kris Bryant winds up a Jays target.

Or does this just mean that the Blue Jays are about to get serious serious in free agency? We’ve already discussed their LeMahieu pursuit at length, and the Dodgers still make more sense as a chief rival there.

But does this funnel George Springer into their territory? Does the team’s offer get from $115 to $150 million without Francisco Lindor to extend?

There are many questions about Toronto’s offseason plans that now seem likely to have definitive answers soon.

And Yankees fans probably won’t like any of them.