Yankees: Bo Bichette seems desperate to steal DJ LeMahieu for Blue Jays


The Yankees have to worry about their neighbors to the north in the DJ LeMahieu chase.

The Toronto Blue Jays have chased every free agent on the market this offseason, as well as the top trade chip in Francisco Lindor, firmly placing themselves at eye level with the Yankees in the American League East chase.

And while the Jays’ rise to contention will sting, it won’t be full-on painful unless they managed to be the ones to swoop in and ruin the Yankees’ DJ LeMahieu plans.

Recent rumors peg the Jays as “engaged” with the Yanks’ current second baseman, which should come as no surprise — Toronto and the Los Angeles Dodgers are probably the only free-spending franchises that are also unique fits for his services. Plus, as we wrote earlier, if you’re a free agent, it would appear Toronto is talking to you.

The longer the gulf between Brian Cashman and LeMahieu’s representatives lingers, though, the higher the likelihood that he accepts a deal elsewhere.

Sensing the slightest crack, Jays budding star Bo Bichette did his very best this week to put the clamps on LeMahieu, buttering him up as the offseason hopefully reaches a boiling point.

“Best hitter in baseball and it’s not close”?! I thought only anti-Aaron Judge Yankees fans were supposed to talk like that!

As far as potential free agent fits, Bichette has certainly chosen a good one. LeMahieu’s potent bat plays in any stadium, and his versatility in the infield can help clear up the team’s theoretical position confusion with Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

On the downside, though, the Jays are subject to the same corollary as the Yankees are here: If you sign LeMahieu, then where does Lindor go, seeing as Bichette’s also a part of this team? Unlike the Yanks, the Jays actually appear to be very much involved in that sweepstakes, and quite likely at the front of the line.

Never mind top prospect Austin Martin, who should be very much available in a year or two.

The Yankees have “cried poor” so far because they don’t seem to think that anyone will match their drive and desire in the LeMahieu chase with the requisite dollar figures.

But if Toronto GM Ross Atkins listens to Bichette, they could be singing a different tune quickly.