Latest Blue Jays rumor is good news for Yankees-DJ LeMahieu reunion


The Toronto Blue Jays are prepared to make someone other than DJ LeMahieu their top priority at second base. Cross your fingers, Yankees fans…

Without the distraction of a large-scale family meal for Thanksgiving this year, Yankees fans across the country were forced instead to refresh Twitter once again in a separate tab, desperately searching for DJ LeMahieu updates while trying not to freeze the family Zoom.

On Sunday night, we got something that resembled a new piece of news.

The Toronto Blue Jays, reportedly eyeing everyone and their mother in this free agency cycle, focused their efforts on George Springer this weekend, which surely didn’t sit well with Steve Cohen and the boys over in Flushing. Seeing as this team can apparently afford anything, a Springer contract would by no means rule them out of a LeMahieu chase — but their belief that the two-time MVP finalist plans to return to the Bronx certainly would.

So that’s why it was great news late Sunday that the Jays appeared to have pivoted to Kolten Wong, their “top priority” at second base if LeMahieu returns to the Yankees.

For me, that “as many in the industry expect” phrasing is holding a ton of weight right now. Basically the last thing I see on the back of my eyelids before I go to sleep.

Despite the overwhelming sludge-like nature of the market, all we’ve seen in recent weeks is a bunch of teams nipping at LeMahieu’s heels while the Yankees remain the supposed “favorite” at the tail end of every tweet. It’s frustrating for days, weeks and months of time to go by with LeMahieu’s future still uncertain, but it is comforting that most analysts seem to agree the middle ground will eventually be reached in the Bronx.

But just because it’s likely doesn’t mean we’re not all very itchy, including the beat writers.

When teams that are theoretically in pursuit of LeMahieu acquiesce to backup targets, that’s when we’ll really know that the Yankees are in a good position.

It’s hard to be confident until The Machine’s name is signed on the dotted line, but seeing a Wong-Blue Jays report leaked is the first step.

Next step? A deal getting done. Keep your eyes peeled.