Yankees: DJ LeMahieu’s spray chart will blow your mind

Yankees infielder DJ LeMahieu’s spray chart is ridiculous.

We are truly running out of words to describe DJ LeMahieu, who continues to amaze despite being as consistent as any player in MLB since the start of the 2019 season. When the Yankees landed him last offseason, most fans viewed it as a solid signing that would obviously benefit the club.

However, nobody could have expected the veteran utility man to morph from an accomplished big league hitter into one of the most feared sluggers in the game. What contributes to LeMahieu’s greatness — yeah, we said it — is his preposterous ability to take advantage of literally every inch of ballparks.

What was that we said about DJ continuing to amaze? Well, this spray chart of all of his hits since signing with the Yankees is so balanced that it seems impossible.

Remember when LeMahieu was busy combatting the coronavirus while the rest of New York was putting in work at summer camp? That seems like ages ago, as the three-time All-Star returned and picked up right where he left off last year.

Through 18 games, he’s leading the American League in batting average (.431), OBP (.455) and hits (28).

To think that he’s producing like this a season after he posted a .327/375/.518 slash line with 26 home runs and 102 RBI and finished fourth in AL MVP voting proves that he’s living up to his fan-created nickname, The Machine.

We’re not sure what general manager Brian Cashman is waiting for as it pertains to getting LeMahieu signed to an extension. Outside of Gerrit Cole and Aaron Judge, it’s possible no player is more important to the Yankees than the 10-year veteran. Not that we needed more evidence, but this spray chart just confirms that we need to see DJ in pinstripes for the foreseeable future.