Celtics’ Kemba Walker wearing Yankees hats is ruining Boston fans’ lives

Celtics star Kemba Walker loves the Yankees. Sorry, Boston!

Boston basketball fans thought they had something special when All-Star Kemba Walker arrived prior to the 2019-20 season to provide a veteran presence in their backcourt behind Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

Unfortunately, they had no idea they were welcoming an embedded Yankees fan within the castle walls.

Walker, a Bronx native, rocked a Celtics Green Yankees hat prior to Friday’s Christmas showdown with the Brooklyn Nets, and the most spoiled sports city in America decided that was a prime opportunity to lecture one of their great athletes that they’d better not express themselves…or else.

This is the fandom debate that just won’t die. You may remember Boston’s same haughty reaction a few years back when St. Louis native Andrew Benintendi rooted for the Blues over the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals. Doing what he believed in?! Embarrassing for him!

Must’ve forgotten you’re supposed to wipe your brain clean when you deplane at Logan Airport and remove all your memories. You are Boston now. You are part of the machine.

Sorry if we’re off base here, but we don’t remember quite the same uproar when Tom Brady rocked a Yankees hat, too? Huh.

Bottom line, Walker’s allowed to wear whatever he wants for pregame warmups in, uh, a game in which he didn’t even play due to injury.

What would Boston fans rather their athletes do? Be inspired by their authentic passions? Or fake it for the crowd? Don’t these fans supposedly hate phonies? What the hell do they actually want?

Boston Pride represents pledging fealty to the city and never asking questions. The Red Sox are so lovable! Why would anyone not love them?! Alex Cora! The video room guy! Come on! Cute team!

When Philly fans, of all people, are starting to dish it out, it might be time to hold off on calling for your stars’ heads.

To be fair, if one of the New York Knicks wore a Red Sox hat, I’d consider entertaining trade offers for him — but that’s only because the Knicks’ roster isn’t worthwhile, and I’d trade any of them.

So, do you care if your city’s athletes only rock gear from the other teams in the city? Or are you a normal person?