Buck Showalter insinuating Red Sox cheated during World Series season is awesome


Former Yankees manager Buck Showalter taking aim at the Red Sox is music to our ears.

The Houston Astros get all the flak for their sign-stealing scandal, and rightfully so, but how do the Boston Red Sox get a free pass after their bizarrely flawless 2018 season that saw them coast from start to finish and then steamroll the league’s best competition en route to a World Series title?

Why was it bizarre? Because Alex Cora, who was one of the central figures in the Astros’ operation in 2017, came over to Boston the very next year and ripped off 108 wins thanks to the league’s best offense. Then, this exact same team fell flat on its face in 2019. Then, Cora was banned for a year.

Major League Baseball determined that something unsavory was going on in Boston during that 2018 run, but apparently nothing close to the magnitude of what happened in Houston. Either way, something was fishy! Enough to get some scapegoat video guy fired, at least!

And MLB Network analyst Buck Showalter reminded the world on Tuesday night that the Red Sox also screwed Clayton Kershaw in the Fall Classic. What a public service.

New York Yankees fans are going to love hearing that!

Everyone points to Kershaw’s World Series numbers and how much better they’d be if we erased the Astros bludgeoning him at Minute Maid Park to the tune of six earned runs on four hits and three walks across just 4.2 innings of work.

But what about that Game 1 at Fenway Park in 2018? Kershaw lasted just four innings that night and allowed five earned runs on seven hits and three walks. He threw 79 pitches, too! Granted, Boston knocked him around at Dodger Stadium in Game 5 to win it all, but Kershaw lasted seven innings in that affair and two of the four runs he allowed didn’t come until the sixth and seventh innings. And Magic Man Steve Pearce, who was gifted a wand disguised as a bat that postseason, went yard off of the lefty in the first inning.

One of the other bombs came from current teammate Mookie Betts!

Nonetheless, we just gotta thank Buck for pointing this out, because the Red Sox infractions get swept under the rug and overshadowed by the Astros. Maybe one was worse than the other, but that doesn’t change the fact that something illegal was going on to provide the home team with an immeasurable benefit.

Oh well, if the Sox won’t pay for it through backlash and outcry from the media, maybe this’ll just be the start of another curse.