Yankees: Watching Mookie Betts dominate for Dodgers is the ultimate Red Sox revenge


Every day Mookie Betts plays for the Dodgers is a win for Yankees fans.

Mookie Betts is back in the World Series, but this time he led the Los Angeles Dodgers there. As for the Boston Red Sox? Well, they’re enjoying Major League Baseball’s basement. We hope there’s foosball down there, guys!

Enough cannot be said of the Red Sox’s malpractice in trading Betts to LA. The numerology was even there to warn them! The Sox won a World Series in 1918 and traded Babe Ruth (to the New York Yankees) in 1919. This time around, the Sox won a World Series in 2018 and then traded Betts after the 2019 season.

Red Sox owner John Henry exported the best homegrown player in franchise history since Ted Williams to save money. Save money! Has this guy not heard of Modern Monetary Theory? Mookie Betts is invaluable. Giving him $500 million wouldn’t have mattered. The end product will always out-weigh the original price tag when it comes to a player of that caliber.

We’re not here to trash Henry and Co. for making this decision. Or the gall of some Sox fans to defend this egregious trade. Or to laugh at the sensible Sox fans who are endlessly suffering because of the franchise-altering move.

We’re just going to sit here, as Yankees fans, and enjoy what we’re watching. We might’ve gotten bounced from the playoffs, but we love baseball, and we still have the World Series to watch. We get to see Betts dominate and play his one-of-a-kind game as a member of Not the Red Sox. And right there is all the revenge we need.

This self-inflicted decision that’s equivalent to trapping your own head in a vice grip will have an impact for decades. This has destroyed the morale of the franchise. Don’t worry about blowing the 2004 ALCS. Forget about winning only one World Series over the last 20 years compared to Boston’s four. It really doesn’t matter.

The Red Sox insulted the intelligence and disregarded the loyalty of their entire fanbase in an unforgivable manner. They cried about money when it came down to keeping intact a World Series-winning core. The New York Yankees would NEVER do that.

Red Sox fans love the underdog story. They love laughing at/criticizing the Yankees for spending money and not seeing the proper results. They love playing the role of the little guy, even though their payrolls have been among the highest four in the league since 2004.

We guess you guys finally got what you wanted: to be considered and viewed as a small-market team. Enjoy!