Yankees: Zack Britton’s response to Tommy Kahnle leaving is every NYY fan


Zack Britton’s response to Tommy Kahnle leaving the Yankees…sucks!

While Yankees fans knew this day was coming for months, that still doesn’t make it any easier to function knowing that relief ace and energizer bunny Tommy Kahnle is officially going to pitch for someone else the next time he toes a big league mound.

It’s also not going to be easy to deal with because, even on a budget, the Yankees probably could’ve figured out a way to pay the man $750,000 in 2021, seeing as that’s all it cost prior to the second-year kicker? Bad, bad, bad.

Further emphasizing the overall bad vibes that Kahnle’s departure left was the first reaction we received from an actual teammate.

It’s one thing to theorize, as fans, that Kahnle leaving could create a hole in the team’s chemistry.

It’s another thing entirely to look at Zack Britton’s depressing reaction tweet and realize yup, that’s totally a reality.

Oh. Oh, GREAT.

Kahnle threw just one inning in 2020, whiffing three, and his absence immediately made the bridge to Chad Green, Aroldis Chapman and Britton about 30% more rickety.

The human impact here can’t be discounted, but the on-field ripple effect from losing Kahnle immediately turned the Yanks’ bullpen to moderate mush, and when Adam Ottavino couldn’t be counted on in the middle innings, that officially left zero consistent and viable options.

Though we knew Kahnle wasn’t coming back — with so much financially in flux — we’re still hanging our heads in depression now that it’s become official.

It could have been worse, though. Tommy Tight Pants could’ve picked the other finalist for his services: the Boston Red Sox.

Would’ve been a perfect “win later” move for the Sox, who likely have their contention window set to next year. Would’ve also made me throw my phone into an actual quarry.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Even big boys like Zack Britton are depressed over this twist of fate. It’s OK to cry.