Yankees: Masahiro Tanaka’s new cryptic tweet is another puzzle


If you’ve got Tweet notifications turned on for Masahiro Tanaka, you’ll only end up overanalyzing everything, Yankees fans.

Unfortunately, someone’s going to have to tell Masahiro Tanaka to stop tweeting until we know whether or not the Yankees have the stones to offer him another contract. Sorry, that’s just how it works.

Because after yet another subtle and confusing post, we’re like Charlie Kelly at the corkboard right now just trying to figure out what it all means.

If you liked Tanaka’s Instagram where he’s simply ordering a cold brew and begging you to ask follow-up questions, you’ll love Tanaka wearing a suit, smiling at the camera, posing as if there’s a contract on his lap, and then cutting the photo off before we see the lap in question.

The translation? “After two weeks of self-quarantine, I wore a suit for work.” What work?!?

Translating these tweets leaves another agonizing step in the road towards making absolutely certain Tanaka hasn’t bolted for another team. There’s always an additional button to click to be sure he didn’t just tweet, “See you soon, Toronto! Vlad Jr., I’m excited for your homemade empanadas!”

But hey, we’d rather the righty remain cryptic than repeat what he did when the regular season was wrapping up. Tanaka’s series of goodbye messages to the Bronx came far too early for our liking, and seemed to throw him off his axis for the postseason, which did not go well (and featured a ridiculous monsoon non-delay in Cleveland).

According to the latest rumors surrounding the righty, the Yankees are at least in contact with him regarding a reunion.

Most realistic Yankees fans have acknowledged the situation at hand. The team’s budgeting much more this offseason, and will need to upgrade, not just maintain the status quo.

But this is home for Tanaka, and you find yourself hoping that the Yanks will be able to open their purse strings just enough to pry out enough money for both him and DJ LeMahieu.

Until that day comes, we’ll keep translating these cute suit tweets and hoping for a resolution.