Red Sox embarrassingly sneak in Alex Cora news during election


The Boston Red Sox met with Alex Cora in person on Friday! Yankees fans and the world were all trying to watch the election news when that dropped.

In much the same way I’ve maintained for weeks that, no matter what the polls said, Donald Trump would win Florida, Yankees fans can count on the Red Sox re-hiring Alex Cora no matter what the recent updates are.

So it was only fitting that the Sox assessed the scene on Election Night — rampant uncertainty, both sides crying foul, Trump declaring premature victory — and decided, “Yeah, let’s go ahead and give everyone a crucial Alex Cora update now, nobody’s going to notice.”

Boston admitted early on Wednesday morning that yes, they did meet in person with Cora last Friday, but no, the job wasn’t filled yet. Sure, guys. Surrrrrrreeeeee.

Once Cora released his cryptic birthday tweets, you knew this was an absolute wrap. But still, the Sox are clearly so ashamed that they’re about to give their twice-chastised manager a platform again that they hid the news beneath an avalanche of Trump updates.

Nice job, folks. That’s how you know you have the moral high ground.

Even the city of Boston seemed to be somewhat embarrassed by the timing of the revelation.

The interesting thing to note here is that it seems as if someone in the front office may or may not be opposed to this hiring, and it may or may not be Chaim Bloom.

After all, why does the news keep dropping at the strangest times? If a Sox partisan like Peter Gammons is on board with the hiring of Cora and can stomach the moral implications, why hasn’t the team made the move yet? You can look towards the only front office voice to change since Cora’s hiring in the first place.

Until then, Boston will keep spamming the news cycle by throwing random candidates out there and claiming they’ve taken six meetings already (what a waste of time for Yankees bench coach Carlos Mendoza!). It’ll ultimately be Cora, but Wednesday morning’s news drop proves the team is at least a little bit ashamed of what they’re doing.