Yankees: Alex Cora hints he’ll be back with Red Sox in cryptic tweets


Yankees fans probably have to get ready for Cheatin’ Alex Cora’s return to Boston after the ex-Red Sox manager’s latest cryptic tweets.

Remember the good old days of early 2020, Yankees fans? The Astros report had dropped, AJ Hinch was facing a one-year ban from the game, and the expectation was that ringleader Alex Cora, who’d since gone on to manipulate the video room in Boston, was due for far more.

Perhaps three? Maybe a lifetime? Who knew what the future held?!

But the very second that Cora was only suspended a year for supposedly doing far more than Hinch to put this cheating scheme in motion, we knew it was sort of an inevitability that he’d be back, and probably back in Boston. Bad things only happen to Red Sox fans for one year, maximum.

And the first realistic hints we got of a re-hire came this Sunday, on Cora’s birthday. Rumor has it that, although his hiring couldn’t be official in 2017 until after the World Series, he was offered the Sox job on Oct. 18 and celebrated with a cryptic tweet. This time around? “X2,” with the prayer hand emoji.


So, what’s the deal? Did Boston bring Alex Cora back? Did someone else give him a job, like the White Sox or Tigers? It’s probably a reunion, right?

If Cora was trying to keep the secret and only hint at things, he did a pretty terrible job of it, sending off the eyeball emojis as well as another tweet that said, “What a day!”

Got it.


If true, though, should Yankees fans really be that angry about it?

The 2019 season felt like Cora and the Sox being karmically punished for their blatant cheating in 2018, when they clearly took everything the Astros did and out-Astros’d them in a mismatched ALCS.

Prior to … whatever we saw in 2020, ’19 was considered extremely hilarious, in terms of the rivalry. Boston looked like a version of the 2018 team that had their powers sucked away by the Monstars. The Yanks five-game swept them in August. And Mookie Betts was still on that roster!

Could Cora bring the Sox back to relevance? Sure. We’re still not sure if Chaim Bloom was hired to turn the team into an analytics-based big spender like the Dodgers, or operate on a shoestring budget like the Rays in a massive market (sad!). Maybe they’ll sign George Springer, an older Mookie Betts.

Maybe they’ll do a lot of things!

It does seem, though, like it’s time to prepare for Cora, the redux. Hopefully it’s a lot like the 2019 edition, where his old Astros tricks seemed verboten.