Yankees: Please stop giving Red Sox credit for trade with Phillies


The Red Sox traded for Phillies starter Nick Pivetta and people “like” the deal for some reason.

In what world do the Philadelphia Phillies get no credit for possessing Nick Pivetta on their roster, but the Boston Red Sox immediately get praise for acquiring him in a trade? We know sometimes this happens when teams make deals and perhaps find a diamond in the rough, but this is different.

Why? Because the Red Sox aren’t a small-market team tirelessly looking to scrape talent off the bottom of the barrel in hopes of making it work and have that be the blueprint for their success. They’re one of the most profitable sports organizations in the world.

So, no, New York Yankees fans don’t want to hear about how Boston general manager Chaim Bloom got away with robbery because Pivetta’s an “analytics favorite” and has a wild “spin rate,” especially when the Sox gave up their best reliever over the past three seasons to acquire the right-hander.

Even when Craig Kimbrel was starring as Boston’s closer, the one clear weakness on their powerhouse teams was the bullpen, but Brandon Workman‘s been a key, consistent figure since 2017. This is the guy you trade for a starter with a career 5.50 ERA in 92 games (71 starts)?

Can’t the media ever just laugh at the Red Sox for once aside from the clubhouse fried chicken stuff back in 2011? The spotlight of this trade simply cannot be exploring how the Red Sox may have stolen a player who’s far from panning out in his fourth MLB season.

Maybe we can talk about the acquisition of Connor Seabold in this deal, but all in all, it’s a big “nothing” trade that we can overlook until we begin to see any semblance of results.

This is nothing short of a disastrous season for the Red Sox, who became the first team to lose 20 games this weekend. Their offense, which still has a majority of the core intact from their 2018 World Series run, is ineffective. The fallout from their own little sign-stealing scandal, in addition to the Astros’, still looms large.

There’s so much to talk about surrounding the Boston Red Sox, and one of those conversations is NOT blowing smoke up their rear end about Nick Pivetta, who “could” pan out because of his high-upside from an analytical standpoint. Enough of this.