Yankees: Didi Gregorius opens up on Gary Sanchez, Aaron Boone and possible return


Former Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius did an in-depth interview with WFAN discussing Gary Sanchez, Aaron Boone and his possible return to the team.

The Yankees let Didi Gregorius walk to Philadelphia last offseason, operating on a one-year “prove-it” deal elsewhere after undergoing Tommy John surgery following the 2018 season.

Unfortunately, that injury changed the trajectory of his time in pinstripes. Back in 2017, many would say Gregorius was the Baby Bombers’ heartbeat, and essential to their success. But when he returned from rehab midway through the 2019 season, his bat was a bit sluggish and his attitude seemed more muted, ready for his inevitable postseason departure.

But one year after Gregorius was jettisoned from an overstuffed infield, it actually appears there’s room for him in the Bronx once again, in theory. The 2020 season featured far too much Tyler Wade, Thairo Estrada and Jordy Mercer for anyone’s liking, and after Gleyber Torres struggled with the glove in his first full season at shortstop, the clamoring for Gregorius’ services on a pillow contract in 2021 grew ever louder.

According to the man himself, though, don’t bank on the team showing any interest.

That’ll prick your balloon real quick.

This adds to the narrative that there was friction between the two sides this past offseason, too, when the Yankees’ representatives seemed to move on from Gregorius very quickly, leading to radio silence between the two. Luckily for our former fan favorite, he did exactly what he needed to in Philadelphia to prove himself capable, hitting .284 with 10 homers, 40 RBI and his usual brand of sterling defense.

Gregorius’ interview went in-depth on a number of other trending topics, too, as the shortstop addressed the difference between his current-and-former manager Joe Girardi and the way Aaron Boone operates.

I mean … is Gregorius not going to return this offseason because his assessments of the team are too accurate? Is he too aligned with the fanbase? My word, Didi would be a perfect fit for this roster if the fans were allowed to do Brian Cashman’s job, just for one day.

Add the shortstop to the list of people who think Gary Sanchez might depart this offseason, too. Take it from someone who knows. Sometimes, you simply need a fresh start.

The Yankees roster isn’t going to look stunningly different next season, but after 2017, it’s hard to say whose departure we’d be more stunned by once 2021 rolled around, Gregorius or Sanchez.

Take it from Didi. Sometimes the grass is greener under the watchful eye of Joe Girardi. And when JT Realmuto walks, Philly will have an opening behind the plate…wait, imagine Girardi green-lighting that. Never mind. Move along.