Yankees: Brian Cashman’s latest DJ LeMahieu story is extremely on brand


Yankees infielder DJ LeMahieu was exactly where you’d expect him to be when Brian Cashman ran into him this week.

Even with myriad holes to fill, most fans agree the Yankees will have an effective offseason if they re-sign DJ LeMahieu now and ask questions later.

LeMahieu, after just two years in the Bronx on a bargain deal, has racked up a ridiculous number of accolades, finishing fourth in the MVP voting in 2019 and racking up a short-season batting title with a .364 average this time around, boosting his resume significantly.

And while the Yankees don’t generally like to talk turkey on extensions in the middle of their seasons, LeMahieu has certainly expressed an interest in staying put, and Hal Steinbrenner acknowledged that he knew exactly how important this particular piece was in his post-season wrap up.

In fact, at Brian Cashman’s similar press conference on Wednesday, he revealed that he’d just seen LeMahieu — where else? — at the stadium, doing whatever it is he does in his free time. Of course!

Echoes of the time that the baseball season still hadn’t officially been greenlit by the powers that be yet, but then Gerrit Cole dropped footage of him sneaking onto the mound and chucking a bullpen session with Adam Ottavino. Extremely the same vibe.

Though we love Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Gleyber Torres and the entire gang, LeMahieu has been the lifeblood and heartbeat of this team over the past few seasons.

There’s a reason he was recognized as the team’s Hank Aaron Award finalist for the second of two seasons he’s spent in the Bronx.

So, what do you say, Yankees? Stop LeMahieu in his tracks at one of these unsanctioned workout sessions and just drop the bag at his feet? The man has earned a blank check — especially if he’s living rent free in the stadium.