Yankees: DJ LeMahieu batting title tracker


Yankees slugger DJ LeMahieu is in the running for the American League batting title.

The New York Yankees are headed to the postseason and we could see some players earn big-time individual accolades. Luke Voit for MVP?! Maybe, but that’ll be difficult. One thing we do know is that the voters can’t steal something from the Bombers that’s mathematically finite, and that’s the American League batting title.

DJ LeMahieu is currently doing battle with Chicago White Sox slugger Tim Anderson on that front, and with five games remaining in the season it’ll be as important as ever to keep track to see who will come out on top.

DJLM could be on the verge of two big milestones here. First off, he could be the first Yankee to capture the award since Bernie Williams in 1998. Second, and more importantly, he could become the first player in MLB history to win the batting title in both the AL and NL.

The best part, though? He doesn’t even care!

LeMahieu won the award back in 2016 with the Colorado Rockies and then they decided not to re-sign him when he became a free agent after the 2018 season. That 2016 campaign was followed by an All-Star 2017 and Gold Glove 2018 (though his hitting stats took a bit of a dip due to injuries). Joke’s on them! He’s a Yankee now.

DJ LeMahieu Batting Title Tracker

Heading into Sunday afternoon’s game against the Miami Marlins, here’s what we’re looking at:

  • LeMahieu: .359 batting average, 69 hits  (.415 OBP, 1.004 OPS)
  • Anderson: .328 batting average, 67 hits (.361 OBP, .900 OPS)

Remember, LeMahieu was shelved with an injured wrist in August. However, he’s also been playing in a heavily injured Yankees lineup, which, theoretically, means he should have fewer opportunities to see good pitches. Anderson, while incredibly impressive in his own right, has been hitting among one of the best power lineups in the MLB that’s remained healthy pretty much all year.

This baby’s coming down to the wire, so stick with us to see it through!