seems to think Trevor Bauer is going to land with Yankees

Trevor Bauer as a Yankees ace just doesn’t feel like something that will happen.

We could be wrong, but Trevor Bauer just probably isn’t going to be a member of the New York Yankees come 2021. The only way that feels like it could happen is if the right-hander is serious about parading across Major League Baseball on one-year deals until his career is finished.

When you factor in his loud personality as well as the countless problems he endured in Cleveland (the 2016 World Series drone incident, throwing the ball over the center field wall in Kansas City), this is just not a guy general manager Brian Cashman and the front office would sign on to represent one of the most renowned franchises in all of sports.

But then again, the Yankees need pitching if they want to get back to the World Series, and Bauer will be the best available this offseason. And some industry insiders, at the moment, feel like this is a likely match.

“It would be a bold move for the Yankees to sign Bauer only one year after giving Gerrit Cole a nine-year, $324 million deal, but general manager Brian Cashman has never been afraid to be bold,” wrote Mark Feinsand of “Even if Bauer doesn’t sign a one-year deal, it seems unlikely that he would demand a deal that would lock him up into his late-30s, so a four- or five-year deal could be appealing to the Yankees, who have rotation spots to fill as Tanaka, Paxton and J.A. Happ are all headed for free agency this winter. Of note: Cole and Bauer were UCLA teammates and reportedly don’t care for one another, so that could potentially affect things, but Bauer recently downplayed the ‘fictitious’ feud.”

Bauer to the Yankees on a four-plus-year deal truly sounds mental, especially when you consider the well-known friction between him and Gerrit Cole during their time at UCLA years ago. Why would the Yankees opt to mess with their ace’s mojo like this? Even if they put the beef behind them, there’s always going to be something there.

Plus, look at everyone on this Yankees team. Nobody is really active on social media. Didi Gregorius was the last true Twitter guy, and all he did was send funny message with emojis every time the Bombers won a game.

Bauer? He’s out there with his own athlete-driven media company and spends a lot of time calling out opposing players, whether it’s serious or all in good fun.

This couldn’t feel like less of a match, outside of the significant void in the starting rotation. Other than that, if these two were speed dating, they’d both probably tear up each other’s phone numbers the moment the buzzer sounded to move on to the next potential partner.

Throw in the fact the Yankees just told the world they sustained the greatest financial losses of any MLB organization this season due to the global pandemic, and it’s hard to envision the Bombers forking over close to $200 million to a player like Bauer.