Yankees: Somebody needs to shut Astros up after latest comments on ‘haters’


The Astros are steamrolling through the playoffs and want revenge on the Yankees and their “haters”. COME. ON.

The Houston Astros continue to run roughshod over the American League, determined to reckon with their “haters” like the Yankees, and completely unwilling to dissect at any point the extremely valid reason why those haters exist.

But before we let this redemption tour gain more momentum than it already has, we must pause and realize that the Astros are still talking.

They have not been humbled. They have not learned lessons. And based on what they leaked on Wednesday, they still believe they were the ones who were wronged.

Somebody, for the love of all that is holy, shut these people up.

It’s safe to say America thought they’d stopped this train in its tracks repeatedly all summer. All it took was a cursory look at their batting averages to feel confident that karma had run its course on the whole she-BANG in H-Town.

But now, without front-line starting pitchers like Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole (and with proto-ace Zack Greinke now on the shelf battling arm issues), the team has suddenly tripped into unstoppability, plowing over the favored Minnesota Twins and Oakland Athletics, a team that had no problem with the ‘Stros in the regular season.

Of course, this isn’t the 60-gamer. This is October, a place where the Astros clearly feel comfortable enough to bring their brashness back.

Leave it to this bizarre team, too, to even create dissenting opinions and pick fights surrounding their own motivation. Agitator Josh Reddick came after the report that the team feels disrespected, creating a disrespect narrative around…the idea that they think they’ve been disrespected? We’re nauseated.

Lance McCullers Jr. joined the fight, too, which should make the rest of the world wonder: WHY. IS THIS. EVEN. A FIGHT?!

These people are acting like Carlos Correa is speaking into his own hand when he struts postgame instead of a network of cameras and microphones. We all hear you.

Whether the team feels confident on their revenge tour publicly, or whether they’d like to keep that boiling anger private, somebody in either the American or National League needs to render this narrative irrelevant.

2020 should’ve been all about the teams who were wronged by the Astros and the fans who saw their 2017-2019 memories tainted by their malfeasance, striking back against the league that allowed the competition level to be invalidated.

Instead, somehow, it’s ended up being about the Astros spinning a successful disrespect narrative in empty stadiums. Somebody, please, reverse this before it’s too late.