Yankees: Carlos Correa talking trash to haters after Astros advance is infuriating

Yankees fans are going to hate what Carlos Correa said after the Astros took down the Twins.

It really is too bad the New York Yankees didn’t get a crack at the Houston Astros in the Wild Card series because it would’ve been great if we could’ve shut these guys up for good. Instead, the Astros somehow fell backwards into a matchup with the hapless Minnesota Twins, who can’t win a playoff game to save to save the universe from impending doom.

But leave it the Carlos Correa to find a way to puff his chest yet again. After advancing to the ALDS thanks to the Twins scoring two runs in two games, he had a message for the Astros’ haters.

We honestly didn’t think anybody could dig deeper and find even more hatred for this team, but here’s the necessary ammo for ya.

You won a three-game series. With no fans in the stands. Against the Twins, who had a 16-game losing streak in the postseason. Now, their 18-game losing streak is the longest in the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL.  Nice job, dude. You really beat the odds! What ever will we do after the Astros advanced to the ALDS?

Houston will run into either the Oakland Athletics or the Chicago White Sox in the next round, and we hate to break it to Correa, but those are much tougher matchups for obvious reasons. Though neither exactly have a reputation for postseason pedigree, they won’t come out as flat as a week-old open can of coke.

Plus, the A’s hate you and own you. So if they win, good luck.

Please, give us a break with that tweet. The only reason he doesn’t have any respect on his name anymore is because it was rescinded when he decided to endlessly defend his very guilty self and teammates amid the sign-stealing scandal. Oh yeah, and he told Dodgers star Cody Bellinger to “shut the f–k” up because he “didn’t know the facts” when it came to the scandal (among other things). Ok “dude.”

We need this team out of the playoffs at the next possible opportunity.