Rays use AL East celebration to troll Yankees and this team needs to go away


The Tampa Bay Rays couldn’t get the Yankees out of their head during their AL East Champions celebration.

It’s been a while since we’ve played the Rays, Yankees fans. Perhaps you forgot how much you hated them in August, since we’ve had 10 freaking games against the Blue Jays in the past three weeks, which are fresher in our minds.

Well, allow us to provide a refresher, thanks to Tampa’s own self-satisfaction and absolute obsession with threatening the Yankees.

The team clinched the AL East Wednesday night (congrats, that’s awesome, really happy for you), and immediately pulled on both shirts and hats that referenced Kevin Cash’s suspension-worthy rallying cry from early September.

Remember? You remember, right? Aroldis Chapman launched a fastball in the direction of Michael Brosseau, which probably had intent, but with no definitive proof. Cash, in the postgame, said he had “a stable of guys who throw 98 MPH,” directly threatening violence against the Yanks the next day. He was only suspended one game, and now that threat has turned into shirts and hats!


Please, we are begging the rest of the American League: Can someone eliminate these cocky won-nothings in the first round? It would be oh so satisfying.

Embarrassingly, this “stable” rallying cry has now been compared to Aaron Boone’s famous “Savages in the Box” rant from 2019. Only difference? Boone was trying to get his players energized by hyping them up, and Cash was trying to get his players energized by threatening brain damage to his opponent. Same same!

Yankees fans know the “Savages” mantra only carried them so far — their torch was snuffed out before the World Series, and they’ve been trolled by the phrase ever since. Will anyone remember the Rays enough to throw this phrase back in their faces?

If I were the Yankees, I would simply be motivated by the fact that this team of create-a-players thinks they own you, and they’ve displayed enough swagger to sink a small boat simply because they’ve won a regular season division championship in a 60-game regular season.

They hang banners for everything. They could spend more money on their roster, but they don’t want to, because they’d rather have the “little guy” narrative in their corner. And their rallying cry is a threat of violence from a month ago, which they’re going to evoke in series that have nothing to do with the Yankees for the rest of the season.

Somebody has to turn these horses to glue, immediately.