Yankees: Rays’ Brandon Lowe has no right to call out NYY over trash talk


The Rays called out the Yankees for trash talking and we can’t stop laughing.

Let’s start off by saying that the New York Yankees didn’t perform up to their standards this weekend. They dropped three of four against the Tampa Bay Rays, fumbling a perfect opportunity to establish a legitimate stranglehold on the AL East as that previously comfortable cushion has diminished to just a two-game lead.

Most fans would agree that Sunday’s defeat was the most gutting of the series as New York failed to get after the Rays’ bullpen and ultimately blew a phenomenal outing by James Paxton to the tune of a walk-off single after leading 3-0 as late as the bottom of the seventh inning.

However, while we give full credit to Tampa Bay for outperforming the Yankees, what we can’t wrap our minds around is why Rays hero Brandon Lowe felt the need to call out Aaron Boone’s side for trash talking.

Prepare yourselves, Yankees fans, because the quote is absolutely infuriating.

“It’s pretty frustrating to have them think that you’re not able to chirp and say anything back to them,” Lowe told reporters. “They’ve been doing it the whole time and for us to not be able to do it back, it’s a little childish. You’ve got to wear it. If it’s going to happen, just wear it.”

Lowe hits a game-tying home run and thinks he can give New York a tongue lashing? The 26-year-old has totally lost the plot if he thinks the Yankees welcomed this criticism.

On Saturday, the dugout understandably unleashed some choice words in the direction of Rays reliever Andrew Kittredge after he threw high and inside pitches to both DJ LeMahieu and Gio Urshela. As we know, Boone and Yankees hitting coach Marcus Thames were subsequently tossed for arguing with the home plate umpire.

There’s also a little history regarding Kittredge and his tendency to throw unnecessarily up and in against the Yankees. Remember back in 2018 when he threw near the head of former catcher Austin Romine? Us too, and Aaron Judge acknowledged New York still hasn’t forgotten about that.

We hate to switch the conversation back to Lowe, but the All-Star utility man wasn’t quite finished attempting to flame the Yankees.

“They’ve been chirping the whole weekend and we chirped at them once and they got upset about it. That was really the whole thing of it was, they’ve kind of been loud about everything and we did it back and they didn’t like it.” Lowe continued.

Seriously, dude? Nobody’s saying the Yankees don’t welcome a good trash talking sequence. We love that their rivalry with the Rays is heating up. However, Lowe was totally out of line to criticize the reigning AL East champs.

The last time we checked, being agitated that a pitcher threw up and in to two separate batters for seemingly no reason but to be stir up controversy doesn’t qualify as being “childish.” It’s called defending your teammates.

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