Yankees: Aaron Boone drops hilarious confirmation of Aroldis Chapman poop incident


Aaron Boone is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman’s alleged poop incident.

We didn’t think Aaron Boone could get any clearer about what happened to Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman on the mound against the Orioles last weekend, but he one-upped himself on Thursday.

Or, rather, two-upped himself.

Following a hilarious weekend during which the jokes ran rampant after Boone explained away his mid-inning mound visit by admitting “nature called” for his closer, through a fit of laughter, everyone made sure to get their quips in — including maybe David Cone on the YES Network broadcast the very next day?

Chapman saved the game, so the world was free to have a field day at his expense (though he doesn’t seem to enjoy answering questions about the incident so much).

Which is fine! Since his manager loves it. Boone was asked about the situation again on Thursday, and delivered further confirmation that, while Chapman didn’t exactly hit the hole, his blockers barely did their job.

Unbelievable. Boone really got up in front of the assembled media in the Zoom Room and read off some deleted scenes from “Step Brothers”. You’ve got to hand it to him — well, not after shaking Aroldis Chapman’s hand, but still.

Boone was also asked about the Yankees’ plan for the postseason bubble, as the team might be embarking on a full month of embodying the “road warrior” mentality.

We can’t tell for sure, but it seems like the Chapman thing was still on his mind when he gave his answer.

This guy! Innocuous statement in any other context, but we just can’t help but wonder.

Now, will beat writers stop asking anybody about this, please? We’ve probably had all our fun. There are more serious things to attend to.

Let’s limit it to at most four poop questions per week. Is that fair?