Did David Cone make intentional Aroldis Chapman poop reference on Sunday?


We have to get to the bottom of this: Did Yankees announcer know what he was doing when Aroldis Chapman entered in the ninth inning on Sunday?

Usually, when Yankees announcer David Cone makes you laugh, it’s intentional. He’s a very funny man with a deeply dry and subtle sense of humor.

But on Sunday, with a 3-2 count and two outs in the ninth inning, Cone dropped a comment that doubled me over and still has me pondering, 24 hours later: He didn’t just say what I think he did, did he?

Yanks closer Aroldis Chapman was working his second consecutive game, following up a shutout ninth inning on Saturday afternoon that came with a curious interruption. Aaron Boone, along with the team’s trainer, came out to visit Chappy mid-inning for a quick check-in before departing.

Following the contest, Boone tried valiantly to laugh off beat writer Bryan Hoch’s postgame questioning about the incident before admitting nature had, um, called. Unclear if nature went to voicemail, or if the call got through.

Since the Yankees were able to exhale and get a win in extra innings, this moment goes from forgettable to indelible. Boone knew he couldn’t lie, or else he’d be accused of covering up another injury. So, joyfully, we received this.

Also: Why was the trainer there in the first place? What exactly would a trainer have to say about … that?

The lingering humor of the previous day’s events certainly permeated the Sunday broadcast, and Cone himself even referenced a similar, um, incident that he’d gone through himself back in the day. All the evidence presented makes me believe Cone knew what he was doing on the mic before Chapman’s final pitch of the game, when Michael Kay asked him if a slider or fastball was coming.


If it was intentional? Perfect. If it was unintentional? Flawless. Peerless. Without peer.

Cone is a brilliant analytical mind, but he’s also got a sophomoric streak — after all, who could forget his fraternity antics with his co-pilot David Wells from the dynasty era? This is the same man who recently told a story on the air about surfing down the aisle of the Mets’ team plane on a tray. He’s got this in him.

Since we’ve got an off day here, we need to get Michael Kay on the case. Kayster, did you hear what we heard? It’s been 24 hours. I need to know.