Yankees: Gleyber Torres confirms ‘Glasses Gleyber’ will stay after Wednesday win


Yankees SS Gleyber Torres says the glasses aren’t going anywhere after Thursday night’s win.

The Yankees needed some sort of mojo change in the worst way headed into Wednesday’s series finale with the Blue Jays in Buffalo.

And if we know baseball players like we think we know baseball players, then the guys in that clubhouse were trying everything. Luke Voit probably grabbed DJ LeMahieu’s bat before being scolded. Miguel Andujar did his eye black counterclockwise this time. Tyler Wade bumped a different Drake deep cut in his headphones pregame.

But, through whatever force of nature it took, the Yankees won, and Gleyber Torres is pretty sure his switch to the “glasses” look was responsible.

After the raucous victory, Torres confirmed his rec specs were here to stay, for the foreseeable future.

Let us shout it from the rooftops: WHATEVER! WORKS!

Torres had looked a bit muted in 2020 prior to this breakout Thursday game (discounting another 4-for-4 game against the Red Sox in mid-August), leaving many of us to wonder what exactly was making him so uncomfortable. Was it the transition to short full time, and the pressure that comes with being the all-caps YANKEES SHORTSTOP, instead of simply a Yankee playing shortstop? Was it the elbow that was drilled with a pitch against the Orioles earlier in the season, still nagging?

Or was it simply the madness of 2020?

Whatever was responsible for his slumber, the power emerged on Wednesday with the dinger, a two-run double, and a spanked liner that went for a groundout in the ninth (?) but resulted in another run.

The swagger did, too, as evidenced by both the glasses AND this postgame fit, which was … interesting.

Like we said, whatever works! If this is what you need, then you need it!

Aaron Boone claimed the team’s vibe was entirely different in the wake of Wednesday’s cathartic victory, and likened the clubhouse to a “discotheque” in Buffalo.

If the glasses helped turn the team’s fortunes around, we’re going to need to request a pair for everyone, please. Even if a player doesn’t need them. Gotta get used to it.