Yankees: Deivi Garcia proved he can pitch to Gary Sanchez in dominant win


Yankees kid pitcher Deivi Garcia delivered to Gary Sanchez on Wednesday night instead of Erik Kratz.

In case there was any question, young Yankees ace Deivi Garcia proved that he’s the unflappable one in the Garcia-Erik Kratz battery.

Garcia’s first two MLB starts came with his “Padre” Kratz behind the plate, but looking to halt a five-game losing streak, Aaron Boone went with the offensive upgrade in Gary Sanchez and trusted his young ace to be perfectly safe in the competent hands of his starter.

By the time Garcia exited at the end of the seventh inning, it was abundantly clear that he’s at his best when he’s dictating his own game, no matter which body is behind the plate to receive it.

95 pitches. A lowly pair of earned runs. Six Ks. A 3.06 ERA, the best of any starter in this current rotation. And a trip to the win column, for the first time in his MLB career, and the first time for the Yankees in quite a while.

Kratz and Garcia have a remarkable relationship, and this new pairing certainly takes absolutely nothing away from that. But the last thing the Yankees needed, bereft of positive vibes in all corners right now, was a strange personal catcher controversy with their electric rookie.

If Garcia had struggled on Wednesday, you know Yankee fans would’ve blamed Sanchez’s presence first, second, third, and fourth, before maybe holding the kid responsible.

Instead, El Gary can smile proudly — he played a role in Garcia’s most effortlessly great start to date, one which built in effectiveness as the game continued.

When the Yankees needed him to hold the fort, he one-upped their expectations, and instead chose to make history.

History will not remember which catcher was behind the plate on the night the Yanks staved off disaster in Buffalo thanks to Garcia’s impressive rising fastball, but that’s exactly why it’s important. It’s great news for 2021 that it wasn’t notable whatsoever.

The big, bold headline instead pertained to Garcia (and Gleyber Torres’ glasses, of course), as at least one pinstriped wheel got back on the tracks Wednesday night.