Yankees: Erik Kratz’s emotional response to working with Deivi Garcia will bring tears to your eyes


Yankees catcher Erik Kratz has helped Deivi Garcia develop as a pitcher.

When New York Yankees prospect Deivi Garcia made his MLB debut last week and looked like a star against the New York Mets, backup catcher Erik Kratz was thrown into the spotlight because of his contributions in helping the young stud develop.

Kratz, 40, has spent a majority of the season at the Yankees’ Alternate Site helping the team’s up-and-coming arms while providing a veteran presence and figure to so many looking to crack the MLB roster.

He’s especially enjoyed his time with Garcia. Right before the right-hander’s outing last week, Kratz was seen running onto the field saying “I’m so excited to play catch with my son!” Garcia is about half Kratz’s age, so it tracks. Amazing stuff.

So when he broke down when speaking with reporter Marly Rivera on Friday, it really makes you understand how much he takes pride in working with and helping these guys.

Have you ever heard someone be so compassionate and empathic when it comes to the game of baseball? Kratz’s love for what he does truly shines here, and it has shown when you consider he’s played in only 325 games across 11 MLB seasons. He’s been on nine different teams and was also with the Yankees back in 2017.

And would you look at that! He’s catching for his son again on Friday night in the second game of the doubleheader and just gave Garcia some run support!

Does it get any better than this? With all of the bad surrounding the Yankees right now in terms of injuries and poor play, this story really lifts your heart and spirit, almost helping you forget for a moment that baseball isn’t all about winning.

The Yankees and their fans always hold the product on the field to the highest standard, but sometimes it’s just about creating a positive impact around you. That’s something the team could use right now.