Yankees: Mike Ford spotted rocking ironic shirt before Yanks-Blue Jays


Struggling Yankees first baseman Mike Ford was spotted wearing an ironic shirt before Yanks-Blue Jays.

The Yankees need some swagger back, pronto.

Hopefully, burly first baseman Mike Ford is here to deliver a much-needed infusion.

Things haven’t been the same for Ford since the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball broadcast decided to draw some parallels between the burly first baseman and Babe Ruth. Since that night, the Yankees are just 6-13 on the season, and Ford’s been unable to replicate his 2019 spark, currently mired in a 2-for-35 slump.

But perhaps Monday is the day things turn around for the kid? It’s as good a day as any other, and Ford’s pregame attire might indicate that his thick skin is pretty damned impenetrable right now.

We’re not sure how we feel about, “You Can’t Kill What’s Already Dead” as a rallying cry, but it’s certainly been applicable to the Yankees’ offense as of late. If this is the new “Savages in the Box,” we get it, but we don’t get it, you know?

It’s an interesting attitude, at the very least. You think your jabs at the Yankees are hurting them? Please. They know they’re in rough shape. And they know they can get themselves out of it.

They may be “dead” in the AL East race, but it’s time to reset and spring back to life while the rest of the world thinks they can abuse you.

Ford has previously tried to spark himself with a wardrobe change already this year; he switched back to No. 36 a few days back, which hasn’t paid dividends yet.

There’s no time like the present for Ford and the Yankees to confirm they’re still alive, though, despite outside appearances.

There are only 20 games left in the regular season, they sit in the eighth seed in the AL postseason (awaiting the Rays), and 10 of those contests are against the Blue Jays, who sit directly ahead of time.

Time to show signs of life, indeed.