Yankees: Alex Rodriguez makes absurd Mike Ford comparison and trolls Red Sox


Alex Rodriguez got a little bit ahead of himself during the Yankees-Red Sox broadcast on Sunday Night Baseball.

First, it was a few weeks ago when, during the Sunday Night Baseball broadcast, Alex Rodriguez compared Aaron Judge to Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and LeBron James after the New York Yankees slugger clubbed a go-ahead homer against the Boston Red Sox in the bottom of the eighth inning. Hey, we love Judge! But come on.

Well, we have more of the same on this week’s version of Sunday Night Baseball, which also features a Yankees-Sox tilt. With the Bombers up 2-1, Mike Ford, who’s starting at first base, destroyed a two-run homer off Boston’s Chris Mazza to make it 4-1.

This one’s already getting out of hand, but A-Rod’s already flown off the handle. He just compared Ford (it doesn’t matter how slightly!) to Babe Ruth! Again, we love Ford too! But come on.

Perhaps Rodriguez is getting ahead of himself after the latest reports suggest he’s in the lead to purchase the New York Mets. But he simply can’t get a pass for this one considering we have previous evidence of him just spewing whatever comes into his head (for whatever reason). We don’t hate it … but it’s probably not what you want on a national broadcast.

What we really don’t hate was Rodriguez digging deep into the stats and finding that patented sense of humor to come up with this gem. When talking about the Red Sox’ dismal season, he managed to take a shot at them by drawing a parallel to Mookie Betts.

The entire city of Boston has even more of a reason to hate the former AL MVP, but he just gained some ground in the polls to remain on ESPN’s broadcast after this season.

Well, it looks like Rodriguez has been absolved of all his previous wrongdoings for this zinger. Bad one-liners during the broadcast? Steroid usage? Lying to the media? He just kicked the Red Sox while they were down, which is the best possible thing you can do when broadcasting a game between these two rivals.