Yankees: Red Sox pitchers should be embarrassed by this Pedro Martinez stat


The Red Sox pitching staff is so terrible that it’s already breaking records, and the Yankees are feasting.

You might not have thought it was possible for our hatred for the Boston Red Sox to intensify during this three-game (soon to be four-game?) demolition, Yankees fans.

However, they are such a sad excuse of a team this season that it hasn’t even been fun watching the Yankees disembowel their historically bad pitching staff, which has surrendered 25 runs in the series thus far with nine innings still to play.

This narrative doesn’t plan on changing anytime soon, as there is no help on the way for Boston, and that notion came to a head during their latest loss to New York. As of Sunday night, the Red Sox have officially conceded more earned runs (124) through 22 games than former ace Pedro Martinez did over a three-year span (122) in over 360 fewer innings.

Forget what we said earlier. We are laughing out loud thinking of how impossibly woeful this statistic is. Martinez was clearly at the peak of his powers from 1999 to 2001, during which he won two AL Cy Youngs, but the Red Sox are simply too storied of a franchise to have allowed more earned runs in less than 25 games than the Hall of Famer hurler did in over 540 innings (78 starts).

It really doesn’t come as a surprise, but to add more salt to Boston’s wound, the club ranks 30th in MLB with a 6.03 team ERA. For those that need a refresher, there are 30 teams in the league, so the AL East bottom-feeders also sit dead last in that category, and by a wide margin.

At least Mookie Betts’ batting average isn’t greater than the Red Sox winning percentage, right? You would think, but these are trying times for the 2018 champs. ESPN analyst and former Yankee great Alex Rodriguez made that neat nugget public during last night’s broadcast.

We cannot stop laughing.

At this trajectory, you have to think the Red Sox will continue to set all sorts of all-time bad pitching records this season. Throw in the fact that they are one of the worst teams in the sport, and Yankees fans will realize that it is indeed a GREAT time to be alive.

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