Yankees: Gary Sanchez got revenge for 2018 nonsense vs Ryan Brasier


Here’s why Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez pimped his home run on Friday night.

With Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton both shelved with injuries, the New York Yankees could really use Gary Sanchez to break out of his slump and help make up for their lost production.

Coming into Friday’s series-opener against the Boston Red Sox, the 27-year-old catcher was looking entirely lost at the plate, seemingly striking out every other at bat to the tune of a woeful .093 average.

Though we aren’t saying Sanchez had a revelation in the batter’s box last night — he finished 1-for-5 with two RBI — the sheer confidence on display after he clobbered a 457-foot home run off Boston reliever Ryan Brasier could be what gets the two-time All-Star rolling.

Not only is the moonshot worth another look because of how pretty it was, but Sanchez’s pimp job was easily one of the best we’ve seen this season.

Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez made Ryan Brasier taste it. He definitely remembered his nonsense in 2018.

Put that clip in a damn museum.

Did Brasier really think he could sneak a 96 MPH heater right down broadway past Sanchez? Before that plate appearance, the Yankees catcher might have whiffed and looked foolish doing so. However, it’s clear that matchup against the Red Rox reliever was personal.

For any fans wondering why Sanchez put a little extra mustard on that bat flip, let’s take you back to the 2018 ALCS when Brasier, for literally no reason whatsoever, stared down El Gary before mowing him down. Reports claim that the 32-year-old hurler told Sanchez to “Get the (expletive) in the box” before throwing the pitch.

Brasier was, at the time, a nobody in the midst of a hot October. Now, he’s a nobody who’s proven himself a fluke, and he could get released at the drop of a neck — sorry, hat.

The Kraken’s revenge trot might have taken longer than we would have liked, but it was well worth the wait.

While there’s no doubting that Sanchez has endured his struggles in 2020, Yankees fans can take solace in the fact that Brasier is a part of the worst pitching staff in MLB. After surrendering three runs in one inning of work, Boston’s right-hander has a 7.20 ERA for the season.

Man, is it fun watching the Red Sox stink, or what? As for Sanchez, let’s hope this epic pimp job is what he needs to break out of his funk.

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