Yankees: Gleyber Torres and Gary Sanchez getting back on track would be perfect timing


The Yankees are dealing with injuries, so Gary Sanchez and Gleyber Torres coming to life would be huge.

After the Tuesday night’s game against the Atlanta Braves, Gleyber Torres was batting a dismal .151 on the year and Gary Sanchez was sitting at an even worse .093. We hope you’re not feeling under the weather, because those numbers could very well make you puke.

But then we got the bad news on Aaron Judge and these guys seemed to have temporarily flipped a switch (we’ll get back to you at the end of the weekend if this holds up). If Torres and Sanchez are indeed getting back on track with Judge and Giancarlo Stanton out, the timing would be impeccable.

For those of you who hate the Yankees, we’re sorry to say that this lineup simply cannot be held down for longer than a game. It’s too talented and too deep. It doesn’t matter who is missing at any point in time.

There we go, Gleyber! A 4-for-4 night (with those two RBI and two runs scored) through seven innings brought his average up to .217! Not great, but we’ll take the increase and the much-needed confidence. The young slugger was swinging much more naturally on Friday night it seemed, as evidenced by the extra-base hit above. After watching him try and pull so many pitches in the early going, it’s encouraging to see him go the other way like that.

If Torres can start producing at similar clip as he was last year now that the Yanks are missing their two best sluggers, the Bombers should hardly miss a beat. One goes down, another steps up. The Bombers are a wagon.

Now, for Gary. Though he only went 1-for-5 against the Sox on Friday night, he sent Ryan Brasier into next Tuesday with this 457-foot home run to extend the Yankees’ lead. That’ll remind the Boston reliever to not talk trash to the Kraken again (remember the 2018 ALDS?!).

You could hear the clanging of the bleachers all the way in Brooklyn. That pretty much deflated the Sox and the Yanks would go on to tack on a few more for good measure.

But don’t forget Gary also sent one out on Wednesday night to begin a Yankees rally. He went back-to-back with Clint Frazier to tie the game at 2-2 before New York blew it open and won 6-3.

He’s also been quietly excelling defensively. There have been a couple customary passed balls, but the pitching staff has complimented him on calling good games and then he did this against the Sox:

Out by a country mile. That ping-pong of Cole’s fastball and El Gary’s rocket to second is a thing of beauty.

We’re still ways away from seeing the usual production from Torres and Sanchez, but they’re starting to scratch the surface, which is just what this team needs with Judge out for at least another week and Stanton likely done for a month. If that happens and the entire band is back together in September, scoreboards everywhere might break trying to record all the runs scored.