Yankees: Latest update suggests Red Sox could stupidly continue epic teardown


The Red Sox are easily the dumbest team in baseball ever since winning the 2018 World Series. Let’s go, Yankees fans!

Rejoice, New York Yankees fans. The Boston Red Sox have the worst record in the AL, seemingly have no pulse, and their future is the bleakest it’s been in years. And guess what?! It’s all about to get worse for our friends in Beantown.

Believe it or not, the Aug. 31 trade deadline is just over two weeks away and guess who’s preparing to make moves? Yup, the Red Sox! And they’re not the kind of moves you’d want your team to make.

According to Red Sox president Sam Kennedy, the team is already engaged in trade discussions and NOBODY on the team is considered untouchable.

"“We still have a group of young core players you’d like to see with the Red Sox for a long, long time, but we’d never label anybody untouchable just given the fact that sometimes, to retool and restructure for the future, you do have to make difficult decisions as you saw with the Mookie (Betts) decision,” Kennedy said on the Greg Hill Show. “I don’t think anybody would be untouchable, as it were, but there are certainly guys who have grown up in the system that we’d like to keep with the Sox for a long, long time.”"

What a great way to follow up the sacrilegious Mookie Betts trade, right? It’s hard to believe this franchise even has fans anymore considering they just won a World Series less than two years ago and then spent all their energy into saving a few million bucks here and there because their $3 billion owner is scared of the luxury tax.

Now, just imagine the Sox trading guys like Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts. If that doesn’t cause a revolution in Boston, we don’t know what will. The fact that a team president would come out and say something like that after they traded their best homegrown star since Ted Williams is baseball executive malpractice.

Boston still possesses a promising young core with Bogaerts, Devers, Andrew Benintendi, Michael Chavis and Alex Verdugo, so it’s unclear why Kennedy, who was probably just attempting to be responsible in alluding to the fact the Red Sox wouldn’t turn down a highly favorable deal if it had to include one of these guys, would even bother saying something like this.

Maybe say, “we have a few untouchables in mind” or “someone would have to blow us away for us to trade certain players.” Take a PR class, dude.

This organization is a disaster and Yankees fans should be celebrating it each and every night.