Big Bucks For The Bambino: Can you afford this Babe Ruth signed ball?


There are collectibles, and then there’s this. A baseball signed by Babe Ruth himself. This is a must-have for New York Yankees fans, but there’s an expensive catch.

For the New York Yankees, it’s hard to find a better player than Babe Ruth. Despite finishing his career before a good chunk of our readers were born, The Great Bambino was Barry Bonds well before Barry Bonds.

We can talk about the stats until we’re blue in the face, but here are some of our favorites.

  • Ruth’s average season breaks down to 46 home runs, 143 runs batted in, a .342 average and a .690 slugging percentage.
  • Ruth batted .350 or higher in eight seasons, and batted .300 or higher in 17 seasons.
  • Ruth led the league in homers in 12 of his 22 seasons.
  • Ruth drove in 100 or more runs in 13 of his 22 seasons.
  • Ruth, somewhat astonishingly, only won one MVP Award (1923).

In short, it doesn’t get much better. He’s a legend in every sense of the word and is easily etched in the baseball Mount Rushmore.

Which is why this baseball caught our eye. 

We’ll be real. The odds that someone out there has this kind of cash to drop on this autograph is slim. And purchasing old-time autographs is a bit of a tedious process that involves a lot of I-dotting and T-crossing, but you need to check it out.

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Obviously, Babe Ruth autographs are pretty rare (the man’s been dead for 72 years). But this is in incredible shape, all things considered. It owns an 8 rating on the grading scale, according to the listing, and is PSA/DNA certified.

Oh, how much is it listed for, you ask?

Just a paltry $120. Oh, oops. Misread that. Just $120,266.09. 

I know that Amazon does this automatically, but the ‘ONLY ONE LEFT IN STOCK – ORDER SOON!’ notification is particularly amusing. Also, why not $120,266? Does that extra nine cents really make a difference?

Some very lucky or very rich person must have stumbled onto a couple of these, or there are just some hilarious Amazon users who took the time to drop reviews.

They’re great. And they’re all real. Seriously. Go check them out. 

Paul gave the item five stars and added that it was “totally worth selling my three children, my kidney and my grandma’s trust fund” for.

Rileigh Galer, who apparently has questionable hobbies, had this to say: “Not the most expensive balls I’ve bought, but well worth the money.”

Then of course there was Breanne O’Neil, who had to make some significant sacrifices to make a purchase, saying, “Let’s say goodbye to college and my other life dreams.”

So if you’ve got some expendable children at home, or maybe some life insurance to collect, nab yourself a Babe Ruth autographed ball. Otherwise, maybe just enjoy a laugh and read the reviews.

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