Yankees: Watch Aaron Boone scream at umps over idiot Philly fan with air horn

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 03: Manager Aaron Boone
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 03: Manager Aaron Boone /

Yankees manager Aaron Boone screamed at the terrible home plate umpire on Thursday amid some rough stuff.

The 2020 edition of “Savages in the Box” is less marketable, but Aaron Boone certainly hopes it’ll spur a similar turnaround for his Yankees.

Though fans aren’t allowed in the ballpark in ’20, they’re ostensibly allowed near the ballpark, which has caused a problem in Philly on Thursday.

Using the big open-air center field gates to their advantage, some Philadelphia hooligans brought an air horn to the festivities, camping outside the ballpark and going to town on the horn’s trigger whenever the Yankees came to bat.

That, combined with the home plate ump’s all-time trash strike zone, set Boone off, and he complained to the umpires.

You’re not going to believe this, but that complaint only made the Philly fans hate him more.

Aww, come on! Not fair, though we expected nothing less.

It’s almost like these drunk transients with Wawa bags in dead center completely forgot that Boone’s formative years came with his dad, Bob Boone, in the Phillies lineup.

He’s an Eagles fan! This is public knowledge!

He went to the Flyers parade!

Ahh, well. Nevertheless.

Boone’s rightfully perturbed, but he may have misplaced his anger at these random fans doing all they can to affect a game in 2020 without a ticket.

Home plate umpire Will Little has been all over the place thus far, giving Phillies starter Zach Eflin six inches off the corner with his two-seamer.

Just one day after Angel Hernandez snuffed out a seventh-inning rally by going Macho Man all by himself with Mike Ford at the plate, and you’ve got yourself a trend.

Boone’s Yankees will be lucky if they can escape Philly with a well-rested split, but it’s safe to say the Horn Men aren’t the problem. Very entertaining distraction, though!