Yankees: Aaron Judge trolls Brett Gardner on IG over oppo home run


The Yankees have continued to have fun with Brett Gardner after his opposite-field “dinger” this week.

New York Yankees past and present are not going to let Brett Gardner forget about his singular oppo home run anytime soon.

On Monday, Gardner poked an outside pitch over the left-field fence (somehow) against Jake Arrieta, marking the very first opposite-field home run of his entire career, excepting his inside-the-park blooper in ’09.

With an entire rain delay to reflect on what had just happened, someone in the Yankees clubhouse printed out Phil Hughes’ flabbergasted tweet at Gardy’s expense, and left it sitting on the left fielder’s chair.

And with two days of break time to ruminate on the special shot, Aaron Judge made sure that Gardy wouldn’t forget it with an Instagram post on Wednesday. And peep Tyler Wade in the comments!

Here’s the thing, tough — this photo of a BP session really might depict Gardy describing this exact thing. Judge might not be joking. At all.

Just watch how a semi-surly Gardner (who is nowhere near social media, and is a king for that) responded to the team’s playful trolling on Monday night.

Yes, this is officially a prank war. Let’s see what Let Brett Bang has in store for his teammates.

There’s plenty of uncertainty left surrounding the 2020 season, but we can guarantee you this: There will be more rainouts, cancellations, and lengthy delays for Gardy B to deploy any of the hare-brained schemes he’s cooking up.

Just because he’s the vaunted veteran on the club doesn’t mean he’s out of bounds for mockery, though. Gardy’s the old head (one of the largest old heads you’ll ever see, in fact), but Judge is the once and future captain — and, also, he’s the only one of the two with a social media presence.

Tred lightly, Brett. This isn’t over, but maybe it should be.