Yankees: NYY troll Brett Gardner in locker room after oppo homer


Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner got trolled for his incredibly rare oppo home run.

Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner just doesn’t go out to the opposite field.

But maybe it’s all part of the learning curve, you know? The long con.

For a while, after all, Gardy didn’t go deep anywhere. He smacked singles to all fields, sure, with his weird little open-armed presentation of a swing. Then, he started rocketing the ball out to the far reaches of the second deck at the stadium, and his career reached the next level. When the zooming rocket ball was introduced (probably in 2019?), he took one final step, hitting a career-high 28 homers.

The simulation was officially broken on Monday night against the Phillies, though. That’s when Gardner learned there was a first time for everything, poking an outside pitch over the fence to the opposite field. We were shocked. We were floored.

Only former Yankees starter/reliever Phil Hughes was able to properly express himself after the momentous occasion.

It’s true.

This is the literal first time Gardner has ever gotten a baseball over the fence to that part of the field, and he … how you say … did not hit this one with great authority.

He’s got one other oppo shot, but that was a dunker that rolled around for an inside-the-parker against the Twins in 2009. Without that looper, his chart would be fully deranged.

Chilling stuff. Empty-stadium baseball really does bring a different surprise daily.

Luckily, Monday night’s rain delay allowed the entire thing to come full circle.

Some joker with a downpour’s worth of time on his hands printed out Hughes’ snarky tweet, and placed it on Gardner’s clubhouse chair for the original Savage to find himself.


Really great work, folks. We can all go home now.

Seriously, but can we, though? This is an official game with a tropical storm bearing down upon it.

The Gardner oppo homer and troll job is as good as it can get this evening. Just accept it and warm yourself during the monsoon with a hearty clubhouse laugh.