Yankees: Aroldis Chapman makes embarrassing typo in strange IG story


Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman is back in action! Sort of? Maybe? What?

We’re used to being able to figure out Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman’s Instagram stories a little bit quicker.

Generally, they’re pretty surface level. Lifting monster weights in front of a gigantic glass window that opens up into a cityscape? Pretty transparent. He’s huge, he’s better than you, he’s richer than you, etc.

That’s what made it so strange when we tuned into Chapman’s IG story on Monday morning, and saw … this, just days after he returned to the team after getting back-to-back negative coronavirus tests.

Yup, that’s Chapman absolutely bumping in the passenger seat of his spectacular whip, driving down the Pennsylvania Turnpike to the alternate site in Scranton. Or is it Pensilvania? Penis Mightier? What is that?

Once you get past the hilarious typo, it is all still quite a bit confusing.

The Yankees are home, awaiting the Phillies. Why can’t Chappy get his work in on a major league mound with all his teammates? Is he further away from being ready to contribute than we thought? Does he need nine full innings on the minor-league mound or something?

Did Erik Kratz just request he make the long car trip to Scranton so he could get some ABs in against the best of the best? What is it?

After all, it was just this weekend that Chapman was spotted looking like a beast and a half in the Yankees dugout in the Bronx. Why’d he have to leave?

Fingers crossed this all gets sorted out quickly, and Chapman doesn’t have to face-palm his way down to PA too many times in the not-so-distant future.

The Yankees have arms for days in their ‘pen (thank you, Nick Nelson!), but Aaron Boone’s also been using his men in bizarre fashion since Tommy Kahnle went down. The quicker we can get back to Green-Otto-Britton-Chapman instead of four innings of Jonathan Loaisiga, the better.

We’re not sure why ‘Roldis is keeping the tires rolling down to Pensilvania, either, but please keep us posted. Face-palm, indeed.