Yankees: Astros Use Complete BS Excuse to Attempt to Block Lawsuit


The Houston Astros tried to pull a fast one on the American public, which is way more embarrassing than the Yankees letter.

Every Astros fan railed against the Yankees on Twitter last month for attempting to stop the unsealing of the judge’s letter to MLB, which resulted in zero punishment for zero sign-stealing infractions of note in New York. “Why would the Yankees want to keep the letter shut if it says nothing?!” they squealed. Very valid point, Houston. We’ll look into that.

Now, of course, just one month later, it turns out the Astros are also trying to put a gag order on matters of the law. Typical hypocrisy, and we haven’t heard a Texas-sized peep about it, yet.

The Astros have already faced one lawsuit (the DFS suit that attempted to force the Yankees’ hand and get their letter released to the public), and are now trying to shut down further future lawsuits by…attempting to invoke the first amendment? Come on now.

Yes, the Astros are using an anti-SLAPP law in an attempt to say that, since the team published press releases about their sign-stealing scandal, that nullifies all future complaints from season-ticket holders about the fairness of the playing field.

Cool stuff, Astros. Attempting to silence dissenting voices using a logic stretch so strong it belongs in the seventh inning is a really normal behavior.

Presumably, the team is also trying to block future players from filing lawsuits, too, like Mike Bolsinger.

Basically, the Astros don’t want any future parties to be able to levy lawsuits against them, even as potentially more layers of their sign-stealing scandal become public. Though corporations are not supposed to be protected this way, the ‘Stros are claiming their transparent press releases should keep them secure against any damages.

So, basically they’re saying the right to free speech should protect the franchise from fraud lawsuits? Makes zero sense to us.

Just remember: the next time a Houston fan chirps at you about the Yankees wanting the contents of a letter from three years ago to remain sealed, remind them that their team is trying to shut down all future lawsuits against them with a BS strategy no one understands. Seems legit.