Yankees: New York Had No Choice But to Appeal Judge’s Decision to Unseal 2017 Letter

New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

A New York judge ruled a 2017 letter detailing the Yankees’ alleged sign-stealing to be unsealed, but it’s being appealed.

So, let’s get this straight. A judge wants to unseal documentation further revealing alleged sign-stealing tactics conducted by the New York Yankees supposedly spanning from 2015-2017, but we’re not going to do the same in regards to the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox scandals? Yeah, that’s not gonna fly.

On Monday, the Yankees and Major League Baseball officially appealed a New York judge’s decision to have said letter unsealed and made public, according to The Athletic’s Evan Drellich. A report dropped on Saturday that detailed all of this and, as you can imagine, baseball fans (and players!) were ecstatic to point the finger at one of the sport’s most disliked franchises.

But if the law has opted against documenting the extent of the Astros’ and Red Sox’ infractions, then there’s no chance we should be revealing more about what the Yankees did –especially since Houston and Boston won championships amid their scandals.

Remember, all that’s been revealed about any of these illegal operations came through investigations conducted by Major League Baseball. Do fans have the right to see these sealed letters obtained by the courts? Absolutely. So if that’s the path we want to go down, then it’s time to make all of them public, not just one or two of them.

It’s also almost irresponsible to start this chain reaction with the team who was found to have committed the least wrongdoing, which, one could argue, didn’t even affect the integrity of baseball. There’s a much more momentous argument suggesting that’s the case with the Astros and Red Sox.

So before Yankee haters start directing their vitriol and claiming the organization is trying to hide something, don’t conveniently forget these documents remaining sealed is not at all out of the ordinary. It’s the exact same situation for the two other scandals that the league thoroughly investigated and handed down punishments for.