Yankees: CC Sabathia Teases us All With Hilarious ‘Comeback’ Tweet


Former New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia continues to provide fans with entertainment.

The New York Yankees had their second intrasquad game on Tuesday night and the recently retired CC Sabathia was present for the second consecutive evening. We saw him on Monday with a Tier 2 press pass sitting in the stands, but this time he was on the field playing some catch.

That prompted the Yankees Twitter account to take a couple of snapshots and show the world the beloved CC was back on the field at Yankee Stadium with his former teammates.

Sabathia caught wind of the post and had the perfect commentary to tease Yankees fans as we continue to sit at the edge of our seats for baseball to return.


Ummm…for real though? We’re not sure what will happen with Masahiro Tanaka over the next couple of weeks and there are still two spots open on the 60-man player pool. Who says no? After all, Yankees fans have been yearning for the big man to capture another World Series and ride off into the sunset.

It was surely upsetting to see the Yanks upended in the ALCS by the Houston Astros yet again in 2019, especially because the left-hander had largely gotten back on track since the 2016 season. Though last year he regressed thanks to a partially-torn shoulder, from 2016-2018 he made at least 27 starts and didn’t record an ERA above 3.91. That’ll play!

It sure felt like last year he was giving it his all while playing through a serious injury in an attempt go all the way with the Bombers once more.

At the very least, it wouldn’t be crazy to consider him as an option as the year progresses, right? We’re not going to overlook the fact the Yankees haven’t been able to stay healthy for over two years now, so all it’ll take is an injury or two to the pitching staff for this to become somewhat of a reality.

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What a turn of events that would be, right?