Yankees: Aaron Judge Starring in Jersey Mike’s Commercial is Pure Gold

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees slams a home run at Nationals Park (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees slams a home run at Nationals Park (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

New York Yankees star Aaron Judge is in a new Jersey Mike’s commercial and fans will love it.

Forget Judge’s Jury. Welcome to Judge’s Deli, New York Yankees fans. You’re going to love it, trust us.

We knew a couple weeks back that something was in the works with Aaron Judge and sub sandwich chain Jersey Mike’s, but we weren’t exactly sure what. Judge teased a partnership on his personal Instagram, and we’ve been waiting for more ever since.

Well, now we have it. Judge on the big screen, showing off his acting and comedic chops. New York has influenced him a bit, wouldn’t you say?

First we get surprising news that he’s a full-go and ready for Opening Day, and now this?! The California kid adapting to New York life couldn’t make Yankees fans any happier. He’s talking the lingo while putting back subs, chips and cola.

He couldn’t possibly have translated “excuse me” better, either If you’ve been anywhere in New York City during rush hour, you’d know.

On the same day fans were gifted this, we also got to see Judge creaming balls in batting practice at Yankee Stadium ahead of the intrasquad game on Tuesday night.


Ah, yes. Everything’s better now. Can we get a full season of a healthy Judge from start to finish? It feels like an eternity since he was able to turn one in (all the way back in 2017), but time seems to be on his side heading into 2020. The pandemic allowed him to heal in time for the new Opening Day (July 23) and the 60-game season seems to play into the Yankees hands.

After a trying offseason filled with injuries and personal issues, everything feels like it’s turning around for Judge at the perfect juncture. He’s got a bat in his hands and he’s reaching New Yorkers (and others in the Tri-State area) with his brilliance on camera for Jersey Mike’s.

World Series No. 28 in the crosshairs? FUGGEDABOUTIT.

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