Yankees: Aaron Judge Teases New Sponsorship Deal in Latest Instagram

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees has a juicy new sponsorship.

Whether you believe he’s a future captain or not, it’s going to take a lot for anyone to catch Aaron Judge as the Marketability Champion of the New York Yankees.

He’s got an iconic jersey number, stature, and his own section in the stands, all within a three-year window. The man can sell jerseys…and Pepsi, and Lay’s, based on his successful sponsorship deals with those corporate titans.

But now, according to Judge himself, we’ve got another campaign on the horizon.

With the 2020 MLB season on the verge of an attempted restart, Judge lined up his Lay’s and Pepsi together in his latest Instagram, welcoming a new backer to the fray: Jersey Mike’s.

Judge’s little tease leaves little doubt that a fully-fledged ad campaign is coming.

MLB’s recent shutdown has not dampened Judge’s flame one bit, and the 28-year-old is readying for a revenge tour after having to sit through an offseason’s worth of allegations that cheapened both the Astros’ and Red Sox’ recent titles (as well as wade through a mountain of garbage about New York’s dugout phone in early 2017.

Judge is entering his prime, and seems especially primed to shake off the doubters now that his mysterious rib injury has been given ample time to heal.

If and when he does come back, we truly hope Jersey Mike’s takes the plunge and offers Judge a nationwide signature sandwich.

What about The Judge n’ Jury, a buffalo-slathered chicken cutlet that comes topped with smaller, sliced chicken strips? Or the BAJ, a super-sized bacon, avocado, and Jack Cheese offering?

Take what you like, Jersey Mike’s, but my services aren’t free.

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Regardless of what’s coming to the menu, both the brand new sponsor and the man himself certainly hope he’ll be back in action soon. As Judge readies and takes his first hacks in months, we can only hope the protocols are in place to allow him to start the MLB season.